Healthy kitchen project:X-Mas 14/12/15

Christmas is a festival of joy commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, BARA has holded a x-mas party to its members and today event is organised by our beloved members Allison and Anusha.

.Nativity tree2011.jpg

Today we are having typical X-mas British dinner. The menu includes Roast chicken, Roast parsnips, Roast potatoes, Sprouts, Steamed Brocolli and Carrots, Mash Potato seasoned with spring onions, gravy, Chocolate cake and mince pies last but not least crackers.IMG_3533IMG_3536IMG_3546IMG_3553

We had fun with crackers ,yummy food choclate cake and what not we had a Christmas tree too which was decorated by all our beloved members in a hope the next eve brings lotsof joy and dignity for our deprived lives…IMG_3532

By Anusha udumula.

Healthy kitchen project 29/11/15

Today  we are round the map to South Africa, marked by distinct ecosystems and also regional cuisines are referred as cape dutch includes the spicy flavours of nutmeg, allspice and red chillipeppers. Faith one of our beloved member from South Africa is cooking today. The menu includes Pap (Staple dish of SA), Sam and beans, Sausages, Meat stew.

IMG_3488Pap (maize porridge) is a traditional South African dish which is accompanied by a savories,  sam and beans tomato stew tampered with dried red chillies feiry hot flavour.IMG_3495IMG_3496Sausages in South Africa are known as boerewors (farmers sausage) seasoned with coriander and venegar, garnished with cucumber .IMG_3499 Its time for birthday celebration and surprisingly its faith’s birthday we had a cake cutting at the end…IMG_3505

Healthy Kitchen 16/12/15

Welcome to the second day of our BARA kitchen plan. Immaculate, one of our beloved members who hails from Uganda, gave us a taste of Ugandan food.

emma best 1

The menu includes sweet potato (lumonde), banana (matooke), kasava (muwogo) ,chicken, lamb curry, rice and fruit. The staple food of Uganda is sweet potato and cassava served with chicken stew and green vegetables.

emma 4
Cassava is also known as tapioca which is a rich source of carbohydrates and protein also containing many vitamins. Lumonde is a boiled sweet potato, again a staple and much loved while consumed along with matooke (plantain mash), cassava with chicken stew. Matooke is a plantain, which is grown in African countries and consumed either as chips, fried, boiled and mashed. Matooke is mashed plantain for a complete ugandan meal contains rich source of carbohydrates and potassium. Chicken stew and Rice are last but not least in our menu as
our Ugandan dinner plate is ready to serve along with fresh fruits and juice.

binib 1
It was then time for our beloved member Boniface birthday celebration with a yummy chocolate cake.

emma group
Thanks to Kirsten, Dhanai and Faith for helping Immaculate with today’s cooking and serving …next time we are gonna rejoice with South African food made by Faith.


In the UK, the weekly allowance for a single adult asylum seeker is just £36.95 which should cover food,  clothing and travel. You can imagine its difficult to have a balanced diet while going through lots of stress. BARA was very proud when November 3rd 2015 arrived: our Healthy Kitchen project went live with the aim of providing a balanced diet and also exploring food around the world: in a way helping asylum seekers to socialise, learn and talk to someone along with a healthy world cuisine. This project aims to inspire people from all walks of life to be the healthiest and happiest version of themselves.

I enjoyed sharing my native recipes from India , the menu included the world famous Hyderbadi dum Chicken Biryani, Sambar (lentil veg soup) ,Puri, Pakodas and birthday cake.IMG_3271Hyderbadi dum Chicken Biryani is a dish evoking festivity and happy moments, made of rice mixed with spices, meat and dry fruits.IMG_3276Sambar originates from South India: it is a lentil based vegetable stew made with tamarind and spices.IMG_3269Puri is a deep fried Indian bread served at special and ceremonial occasions especially as a prasadam (Hindu dietary ritual; served as a blessing).IMG_3284Pakoda is an appetizer, snack or starter from South Asia made of gram flour with various vegetables like potato, onion, cauliflower and spinach.IMG_3279Wasn’t it lovely enjoying yummy Indian food and socialising? We’ll be back with more food soon!

By Anusha Udumula


It’s not rosy and cozy to be an asylum seeker

Seeking asylum in UK is not an easy journey. There is no stability for life unless one person gets refugee status if in case the case is dismissed or rejected the person is liable to be detained or deported .When comes to asylum support, asylum seekers are not allowed to work to live a life of dignity and even not eligible for the main stream benefits .The only benefit they receive is 5 pounds per person which should include travel expenses ,food ,toiletries and some day to day requirements.Children are the most who suffer in this process and for parents it’s a big deal to satisfy the needs of the kids to not let them down in the peer group .Due to no proper legal aid facilities asylum seekers who come in to the country empty handed live on the 5pound per day and who has no right to work it’s impossible to present themselves properly with no money and support . Basic human rights should be given to an individual like right to rent and right to work which are more essential for a human being to have dignity in their life’s rather then living on handouts of people which make people depressed and distress .Hope one day every human being are treated as a human rather than a alien……

Healthy kitchen project


Hello BARA members and friends we are going to start our Healthy Kitchen Project at St Martins Youth and Community Centre, Gooch Street, Birmingham every alternative Monday 11.30 am to 2.00 pm starting from 2nd November  2015. Please do come and join us thank you…..